Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Going Bananas!!

Sneak Peek!
The Banana Police
Written by Katy Koontz
Illustrations by Kelsey C. Roy


Monday, September 10, 2012

Sleeping Sweeney

A just-for-fun, Disney inspired cartoon I drew in honor of my best friend Alex Ward and his most recent success, starring as Anthony in the Clarence Brown Theatre production of Sweeney Todd. His 'promising performance' was noted by the lovely and fabulous Mary Costa  (voice of Disney's Sleeping Beauty), whom Alex had the immense pleasure of meeting after one of his shows. So proud of you, Alex!

*Background photo credit goes to the Clarence Brown Theatre Facebook Page* 
Though, I did help paint those stairs and floorboards!

Row, Row, Roar Your Boat

Commissioned Cartoon for a company's Dragon Boat Race T-shirt Design
This was fun.

Niles & Alyssa

I was so excited when Alyssa asked me to help her celebrate her one year anniversary
 with husband Niles by creating this 8x10 watercolor/ink portrait of their adorable little family.

How could you not love those joyful smiles??
Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Giraffe N' Pancakes

Just a couple sketches of late:

First, another sneak peek at The Banana Police, coming out in November. 

Secondly, a doodle from my church bulletin last Sunday. 

The choir director had told those of us in the alto section to "sing more gazelle-like and less like.....a giraffe". Well that was too good of a visual to pass up, so I couldn't resist.