Monday, March 25, 2013

Raisin Razzle

Below are a few images of some work I've been
doing recently at the theatre.

This is an old, in-progress shot of the stage for Raisin In The Sun. I did a lot of work on
the brick flats as well as the backdrop.
More work can be seen from this show in my previous posts: 

We had to make the backdrop opaque in certain places so that it could be backlit as
seen here. Looks like it worked!

After a brief hiatus from the theatre to do other work, I've come back to do 
some lettering and signs. Above is what I'm given. Below are
some in-progress shots of what followed.

Detail shot.

I DO ... love weddings

My sweet friend Emily recently married her best friend Boone.
The two of them worked tirelessly to prepare for their special day, making most
of the decorations and favors by hand. 
The result was a uniquely sweet and true-to-them style wedding.

Below are a few images I have from the preparations/day of.
In the spirit of hand crafting, I painted these dishes as part of a 'breakfast in bed' kit
I made as their bridal shower gift.

Pardon my apartment in the background...and Niles Crane on the TV.

I thoroughly enjoy the tradition of making the wedding rehearsal bouquet out of leftover
gift wrappings from the bridal shower. Emily indulged me, and allowed me
to have the job. I got really into it. 
Materials: Foil party balloon, assorted ribbons, tissue paper...and some tape.

As the day approached, Emily and Boone's friends gathered to help with the final details.
I took on the responsibility of Wedding Program chalkboard. The bride and groom
bought/found the frame and painted the chalkboard. I just did the writing.
(And stored it in my closet away from my kittens, as pictured here)

The happy couple!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Last Bite of Cake

Here's a color preview of the page I'm working on from I Really Love You Ava.
Coming soon from Willow Moon Publishing!