Sets, Productions and Designs

11'x32' latex paint on muslin
A fellow UT student asked me to paint the backdrop for their senior show in February of 2010. The Clarence Brown Theatre on campus was kind enough to let me use the frame in their set shop. The entire backdrop was designed, constructed, and painted in two weeks. Exhausting, but so much fun!

Finished set for "The Eiffel Tower Wedding Party". 
That camera opened, and people came in and out of it. Pretty cool.

(8) 3'x11' latex paint on wood panels 
The 2nd Presbyterian Church of Knoxville 2010 Vacation Bible School
(stylized Knoxville cityscape)

( action!)

detail #2

T-shirt design for UT's Women's Chorale
(My apologies for the poor quality photos)

Logo/T-shirt design for UT's Men's A Cappella group VOLume - 2010
(They're good. Try and find them on youtube if you're bored)

The "face" of the new, original musical to come out of UT, created by student Andy Rogers. 2011
It's a fun, comical, heartfelt and informative musical about a boy who is diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. He takes the audience on a journey with him as he learns about how to live with this disease and that there is in fact light at the end of the tunnel.
(Look for it on Broadway and bookshelves in a possible reality near you)

Promotional poster for Andy & the Beats. 2011