Dust Bunnies

The following are projects that have been gathering digital (and in some cases very real) dust, neglected in their deep corners of the flat files. I return them now to some of their former glory...sort of.

26x34 graphite - 2006
(I told you these were old...)

16x20 graphite - 2009
(...worst dream ever)

(3)16x20 sharpie on acetate - 2009

Personalized Martini Glass - Glossies Paint - 2009
(That paint is permanent and dishwasher safe. Great stuff.)

Personalized Mug (gift) - Glossies Paint - 2010
(Everyone, meet Alex. Alex, everyone.)

4'x5' oil on canvas - 2008
The following are paintings that I created during my time at the University of Tennessee. I received no payment or any form of financial compensation for any of the works where trademarked images were used. They were solely for my own entertainment and apartment walls. So, please don't sue me.

4'x5' oil on canvas - 2008

4'x5' oil on canvas - 2008

4'x5' oil on canvas - 2009
(Florence, Italy)

5'x5.5' oil on canvas - 2009

3'x4' oil on canvas - 2009

4'x5' oil on canvas - 2009
(The jumper is untouched canvas. The background was the print on the dress.)

Magnets for friends - 2010

Roommates - 2011

Montana - 2011