Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Princess by Design

I was recently commissioned to design and create a Disney inspired princess
version of a spunky, spirited birthday girl.

Um, YES. Yes, I will do that.
It was a blast.

Meet Clara.

Here is the original sketch, done in a Starbucks in Cambridge on a gloriously lovely day.

I don't usually do the middle step, but I wanted to make sure I liked the color concept I'd chosen.
Thought it might be fun to line them up side by side.

Here are some other color experiments. 

 This is my favorite of the color schemes I tried. 
I would wear this all the time, always, forever.

Here are some funky, in-between stages that I thought had kind of an interesting look to them.

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  1. <3 Oh my god... I wish I could get people to ask me to do commissions for them...